How To Invest During Corrections, Panics, and Crashes

I have witnessed a few market drops in my time as an investor.

I started following markets during the Financial Crisis. At the time, I thought I could understand what was going on, or what it was like to manage money. But looking back almost 10 years later, I realize I knew absolutely nothing. I love looking back at those days. But at least I dove right in.

I was looking at bank stocks, and trying to figure out which ones would survive or get bailed out. I was trying to find stocks that had sold off the hardest. I was trying to pick their absolute bottom. I lost some money trying to do that.

When you look back at your younger days, you remember just how much $10 was to you. That’s a burrito, and some guacamole! Are you kidding me?

By no means, today, am I an expert at understanding falling markets. But I am learning, and getting better. I currently manage my own portfolio. I don’t ever plan to let someone else touch it. At this point, it’s me against the world. So sometimes I have to kick back, educate myself by writing my thoughts down, and share them with my whole crew online. The other day I started thinking about bear markets, corrections, or crashes.

What should I do when I think a correction is happening?

What’s the best way to approach markets during a crash or panic?

I sat down, and drew this up:

How To Invest During Crashes.png

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Published by Stefan Cheplick

I've worked in fintech for 10 years. I've helped build massive online communities, successful digital campaigns, and turned beautiful products into well known brands throughout finance. I also manage my own portfolio with my own money on the line.

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