You Thought The World Was Ending, You Thought Wrong

The other day a friend and I were talking. We were walking outside Bryant Park in New York City. The humidity was high. Imagine stretching your hand out and grabbing warm lake water out of thin air. That’s what it felt like.

While talking with my friend, a cool dude with artist style vibes and a burlap bag, I noticed something in the middle of our conversation. He was borderline obsessed with the wrong in the world. Wealth inequality! Exploitation! Greed! Politics! What else am I missing?

I tried to explain.

Over the years, I have noticed an increasing number of people like him. Nothing will ever be good enough. Nothing will be right.

But what I’ve come to learn is that he is actually helping. I’ve come to learn that this is what progresses things forward. Things progress because of his discontent.

The discontent leads to criticism, the criticism leads to feedback, and the feedback is what pushes the do’ers to build better and work harder. Your outrage, your dislike, and your pushback is what actually feeds the progress.

Thank you.

In financial markets, I was reminded that, “bull markets climb the wall of worry.”

And so while many have complained this entire time, the stock market, by which you could buy with a few Dollars and a mobile app, has been doing this:

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If you missed it, I wrote about this concept earlier and called it, Don’t do dumb things in seven seconds.

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  1. Well, I would offer your friend may have intentions of making it better but oftentimes most of what I have seen is misguided blame as well as misguided efforts to make it better. You are accurate in that recognizing the problems is for sure the first step but, lets figure out a way to make things better without applying wrong solutions or having your (any) politics filtering ideas.

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