I Put My Socks on Standing Up

Some talk about going to the gym at 5 AM. Or running 10 miles daily. Or doing yoga while listening to a podcast at 2x speed.

Others drink super powered coffee with coconut infusions and brain power additives.

The power! The energy! The bio hacks!

I just started putting my socks on standing up. You should try it. Seriously, next time you find yourself sitting down to put on your socks, even your shoes, stop! Remember this.

But why? What type of sorcery is this? Why would you drop such profound confusion on us @scheplick?

If you put your socks on standing up for the next year your balance might see a slight benefit. Or maybe your flexibility. Try it yourself. I really don’t know. But I’m going to try with the theory that something will improve compared to always sitting down.

I like this idea of doing realistic things that are far below any idea of over achieving or over reaching, the things that take not much time, that potentially add up over a lifetime. Put your socks on standing up. For example.

The little things. The incremental daily activities that potentially add up, little by little, over time. Here and there. Less than two minutes.

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If you missed it, I wrote about this concept earlier and called it, Don’t do dumb things in seven seconds.

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