I have worked at Stocktwits for eight years now. I have been there since I graduated. It has been an incredible ride and most people always say to me:

“brah, how have you been in one place that long?”

“I have no idea”

Life comes at you fast and slow. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it goes bad. Clearly I have had more ups, learning experiences, excitement, and laughter than downs. I think that’s cool. Lucky or not. I also think this is the future of finance.

Anyways, it feels like a significant day. And I want to make it kind of special. So as I age like Gandalf the Grey, I no longer want to be holding any YOLO calls and I’m tired of *any* margin.

I’m lightening up. My portfolio will look a little different after today.

Having crazy positions as a young arrogant kid is a bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

You’re out on an island and you’re not supposed to survive. The only person you can talk to is a volleyball named Wilson with a face painted on it. That island really sucks. But damn you learn a lot and many of you followed me as I tried to survive and navigate it.

I swung for the fences on a few pitches. Some were strike outs and others had Chris Berman saying, “back back back…”

It does not always go that way. Never forget luck. You can’t ever take full credit. You’re at the whims of the market gods. You can only be kind to them.

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