Betting on Hong Kong, South Park, and Free Speech – Episode 1

Yep. I actually did it. But how could I not? I already spend so much time reading, writing, and posting memes on Twitter. The next step was, obviously, a podcast.

I’m calling my podcast, Money out of Air.

It’s my take on markets and all the wild stories that are happening in markets.

As of this writing, my podcast is only available on my site using the player or using Spotify. In the first episode, I dive into Hong Kong, the protests, free speech, and how it all connects back to American markets. If you’ve been following my blog or Twitter account you already know — there are some basic fundamental rights at stake and companies and investors are way too exposed into the Mainland Chinese Communist Party. My mic setup isn’t the best, but in this pilot I try to tell the story best I can.

This seems to be especially true in the investment landscape with the way certain investment funds and ETFs are allocating money to companies in Mainland China. These companies are owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party. Ah, yes… Nothing better than investing hard earned American Dollars into communist companies that deny free speech.

In this episode, episode 1 of Money out of Air, you will learn about why the Hong Kong protests started, what they mean, how they permeated basketball and South Park, and then ultimately, the next step for financial markets.

South Park, in particular, took a giant swing at the Chinese Communist Party and, of course, the entire show was banned in mainland China not long after they did so. The NBA, on the other hand, is trying to fix its image with the Chinese Communist Party all because of a simple tweet from one of their General Managers. Apparently, the regime in China is that sensitive.

If you can find time to listen to the entire thing, the podcast ends with a conversation about Chinese Variable Interest Entities, what they are, and how certain stocks like Alibaba and Baidu have become way over invested because of lack of oversight.

I hope you you enjoy episode one and in the good word of free speech, please write back even your worst criticisms. Troll me if you have to. Or, if you like it and want to see me do another podcast, please also send that feedback. As I say in the podcast, free speech and the freedom to disagree or criticize is what ultimately makes us get better and grow stronger. Feedback is uncomfortable, but powerful. I support anyone who can say it and take it.

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