Shaped By The Digital World

I think back to just 15 years ago when I did not have a smartphone in my pocket. How little I actually looked down at an LCD light in my hand. I think about now and how every 20 minutes I look down at an LCD light in my hand. Our perception of the world is no longer shaped by our actual experiences in the world, but instead by what we consume on our digital devices.

An old man who went by the nickname Tuataras recently said to me, “you look down more than you look up.”

He is probably right and that is true for many of us.

The other day I was riding a train in a foreign country with two military officers. We randomly happened to be bunk mates in one of the train cars. We talked about Trump and Obama and Roosevelt and World War 2 and a lot more. We talked about things you won’t find online or you won’t find anywhere else. What was being told in the physical world through our conversation was entirely different than what is told in the digital world.

This all had me thinking, in an abstract way, we are already multi-universe creatures. The digital world increasingly is becoming its own separate place where things exist separate from the actual physical world. Different laws, meanings, and ways of life. How much time per day do you spend either looking at a phone or a computer or TV? My guess is, for most people in the modern world, it actually exceeds the time spent looking into the real world.

If our world perception was once shaped by the physical things around us, now it is shaped by the digital things around us as well. Strangely enough, as a society, we are actually gravitating closer to the digital world than the physical world. I’m not sure I fully understand why and I’m not sure I agree with it. We are potentially making a mistake. I don’t know many philosophers who have ventured deep into this conundrum, but I am reading and studying it as much as I can.

I think, right now, the most important thing is to realize that is not bad nor is it good. It just is. Awareness of the duality is the most important thing.

Also, as an investor, going forward, I think this will create an investment opportunity of a lifetime. I am watching closely.

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