The Market Cap Game

I remember Apple’s market cap crossed $500 billion and I was totally shocked. $500 billion!? What!? Well, only a few years later, it’s valued at over $2.25 trillion:

While, like many of you readers, I also watched Apple all these years, I perhaps made a mistake of watching it more than crypto. Especially early on. But we all make mistakes. No one hits perfectly.

I use the chart TOTAL to track the total market cap of crypto. Today, crypto’s total market cap is $2.1 trillion. Apple’s total market cap is $2.2 trillion. This is how crypto’s total market cap looks:

Apple, today, is still the largest company in the world. And while the TOTAL crypto market cap index does comprise of every cryptocurrency you know, and Apple is just one company, it’s no small feat to say this space is on the verge of passing Apple… the darling of markets.

It will be an interesting day when or if crypto surpasses Apple. I have no idea what it means, but it has my attention.

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