I think about what it would be like, if, a steel worker from the 1930s was just suddenly transported to today’s world, to see a modern office and work from home environment. I just imagine how confused they would be.

I am not even sure it would make sense. Sure he wanted to make a better world 9-5 moving hot lava from cast iron to cast iron, but these people today are smashing a keyboard.

They eat lunch whenever they want.

The same timeline, the same planet, but mentally an entirely different universe, a perception that just would not make sense. Did he just order a 850 calorie meal from his phone?

And so I think about those times when the corporation was just getting started, the early days of how important that corporation was. Organization and efficiency was at the core. There was also no better way to do it at the time. Centralized, authority, managers, mid-level managers, executives, directions, and yada yada yada.

But, ultimately, that’s not a prosperous way to live forever. To truly be free in work and life you need autonomy at all levels. Passion to pursue a project and build, not operate in a machine line.

And so to me, I have been thinking increasingly more not just about decentralized tokens or currencies, but decentralized work, decentralized governments, decentralized everything. If you can get to a place of complete trust, a place where people are constantly working on their passions, pushing toward something, a decentralized environment is a beautiful thing.

You do you and you do it because you love it.

Of course this really only seems to work in the tech world, at least at the moment. Generally, though, the wave starts somewhere, it starts as a small ripple. I admire DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations, and what they are doing. They are the pioneers of this.

I’ve tried to distill a DAO down to what it means, and at the core is trust and passion. A DAO only operates well if the people trust each other and have a shared passion toward something. I would love to see a world where everyone is in a DAO, meaning they found something with shared trust and passion whether it’s a restaurant, tech company or manufacturer.

Could we DAO Walmart?
Or DAO Exxon?
Or DAO Coca-Cola?

Sounds crazy, I know.

Anyways, I took CREAM from the Wu-Tang and wrote about DREAM – Decentralization Rules Everything Around me.

I hope so one day.

Cheers and have a good weekend!

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