No Longer Twitter’s Most Loyal Bagholder

I’ve taken a small break from social media. Nothing extreme, just less posting, less consuming, less caring. I want to get to zero.

Being that I’ve spent my career in this weird world where financial markets and social media connect, recently I’ve disconnected and unplugged more than ever in the last 10 years.

And actually, it’s pretty refreshing. I was always skeptical of people who did these “unplug” posts, however, now that I’ve done it… wow.

I remember making financial memes back in the summer of 2013.

People thought we were crazy. I remember calling it a cross between Bill Simmons and Jim Cramer. Few were around back then, but if you look hard enough you will see it. Many have moved on, few are still going.

It’s not easy to do it day in and day out, following the drum beat. Actually, it’s tiring.

The one smile I do get, whenever I think of it, is looking at the finance media landscape today. Very few people know what I and my friends were doing in those early days or working toward to get to today. Hey, it’s good to pat yourself on the back some times. Positivity is good.

Treat yourself when you can.

Anyways, my social media days, especially on Twitter, will only slow down as I decide to blog and think more. I want to think deeper and write deeper.

I am no longer Twitter’s most loyal bagholder. Whether I unplugged and sold yesterday or a month ago is not the reason for this post, it’s just for myself as I move forward. I no longer have a monetary or emotional stake. It was fun, though, going through that crazy investment journey with them both posting and owning shares (or derivatives).

I YOLO’d so many TWTR LEAPS back then I should be broke! I did not follow the rules at all! Luck sucks because you only realize it after. You don’t feel any better about it either whether you won or not. If you’re smart enough to realize the random nature of getting lucky, you feel something else.

Here’s to more blog posts!

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