Why I Think Elon Musk Bought Twitter

At this moment, at any point you look up at the sky, there are more than 6 Starlink satellites floating over Earth. And even more are being sent to orbit in the coming months. However, there is one problem, when everyone opens their Starlink apps or websites, what will they be shown?

Imagine for a second that Twitter is integrated right into Starlink. A person in Africa uses Starlink the same way as someone in New York City and both of them are brought to Twitter as their home base, totally connected to real time updates, news, events, and people everywhere tweeting a gazillion times a minute.

A true global town hall, everyone is invited, borderless conversations for all, flowing over satellites impossible to stop.

Musk vs. Zuck? I did not see that coming either.

The best part is Twitter is much more than a social network. It is also a search engine. I have followed Twitter for a VERY long time. I have spent way too much of my life tweeting, listening to earnings calls, and at times risking my own money on the blue bird. As many of you know, I jokingly call myself Twitter’s most loyal bag holder.

Over the years I’ve been especially interested in how they can offer search features to all of their users. The way the network and graph is built makes searching for keywords really easy. Not many people are aware of this, but yes, it exists – the image below shows Twitter’s experimental search page and it works just like Google. The only difference is it indexes tweets by keyword:

Twitter has search, an ads business, global users, it has Premium tools, and the list goes on making it a critically important social network. Now Musk gets to layer it across his Starlink satellites. What an added bonus for Starlink users!

… I don’t know, he could give it to Tesla drivers as well.

The truly surprising thing here is the simple fact that Musk might be ready to beat Zuckerberg at his own game. I wish I had this in my 2022 predictions.

As the kids say these days: we’re playing checkers while he’s playing chess.

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