The 1x One Quarter of Revenue List

Are you not entertained?!

The bear market is raging with the Nasdaq down 30% in about 7 months. It appears most of the major indexes will give back all of their gains since Covid.

Nonetheless, with crazy sell-offs come crazy opportunities. So I took the time to make a list of 20 companies that are trading at 1x one quarter of revenue. Now, I am only making this list because price-to-sales ratios were such a hot topic in the last cycle. I can think of no better stat than this considering, at one point, some large cap tech companies were trading for 100x sales. Today, we have companies that trade for 1x one quarter.

What does it mean? It means the company’s entire valuation is “generated” in revenue every quarter. Of course, revenue is not profitability, but it is generally what makes a company a company. Revenue means, quite literally, a company has customers, clients, and buyers. It’s up to you how much profit they make from that revenue:


Goodyear Tire – GT

StitchFix – SFIX

Nordstrom – JWT

Kohl’s – KSS

Pitney Bowes – PBI

Taboola – TBLA

Kaleyra – KLR

Carvana – CVNA

Kroger – KR

Cardinal Health – CAH

American Airlines – AAL

Camping World – CWH

Big Lots – BIG

Sinclair Broadcasting – SBL

Compass – COMP

Weber – WBR

Dana – DAN

Purple – PRPL

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