Inflation Thoughts (Part 2) and Musings About America

I saw a post on Reddit the other day that showed how much $70 worth of groceries got you in the most expensive US city.

Without saying much else:

If you’re like me, and spend a lot of time reading about markets and economics, at first glance a picture like this might surprise you.

Most people, right now, especially those deep into Twitter conversations, would probably read that headline and then immediately think “oh they’re probably going to show a bag of rice or two” or “inflation is so bad there’s no way that’s real.”

The point is, markets kind of live in their own information bubble totally disconnected from everything. Now layer in some meme accounts that need to keep up with hype, sprinkle in a little Zerohedge and Crypto boys and gold bugs, toss in a war in Europe, and now you have the perfect recipe for a constant flow of end game conversation: inflation omg omg omg omg.

Oftentimes, what markets are doing and what reality actually is are totally disconnected. That’s the arbitrage for people thinking critically. I’m not saying there’s no inflation, but I am saying our current way of sharing information has a way to exacerbating something.

I went to Target the other day and the company has clearly backordered too many things. Summer sales are going to be epic. While shopping for TVs at another store I bought a 50 inch TV made by LG for $288. Wtf? I remember when 50 inch TVs cost $1,500.

My local grocery store is selling packs of corn for about $2.

One day I’ll have my own garden and just eat some food myself at the cost of some seeds, dirt, sunshine, and water.

By the way, the reason why I am so nonchalant about all of this, and even writing about it so calmly while most are continually talking about this inflation endemic, is technology.

You see, technology is inherently deflationary. Technology forces prices down, it creates better products, and builds more efficient ways of doing things. That’s the entire point, after all, it’s why I’m so excited to be alive – I want to create and do things better and cheaper than those before me.

That’s also why the US just keeps going. Create, think, innovate, create, go, build. It’s so beautiful and why I love every second of being a citizen.

Anyways, that’s the post – this market has been unforgiving despite my optimism. But also, let’s be real, the recent rise in all asset classes was equally as unfathomable. And as mentioned earlier, that’s how markets work. We just ebb and flow between reality and insanity.

Have a great 4th of July!

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