The Next “Energy Moment”

The last energy moment we had was when oil first spilled out of the ground. That unlocked the start of modern engines, machines, and the purr of a car on the highway.

That was the moment of a true spark in energy innovation. Zero to one, as they say.

It’s why we are where we are today.

What’s the next energy moment? That’s the question I’m asking.

I read a fascinating tweet the other day about the capabilities of fusion energy.

I think the best way to understand fusion energy is to read it from Andrew Cote, an excellent scientist:

“Nuclear fusion is how the sun produces energy, taking light elements like hydrogen and fusing them into heavier elements like helium. This releases the energy we receive as sunshine.”

The fascinating aspect about fusion is that the most important thing in our lives, the sun, uses it to produce energy and heat. Without the sun, we are all dead. So, that poses an obvious example of what we should be thinking about: if we would be dead without the sun, let’s figure out how it works.

Why would you not want to understand and replicate the very thing that, quite literally, keeps us all alive?

Replicating its energy source is fascinating because it’s taken this long for people to even realize it. The sun is the most underrated thing your life. I understand why ancient civilizations bowed down to the sun and made gods for the sun.

The sun’s energy source is not just an example of new energy; it is THE example.

For starters, the sun is massive. All the evidence we need about our future power sources is above our heads 12+ hours a day on repeat.

Let’s do it!

It would be idiotic to avoid such an obvious thing. I can’t state it any more clearly than that. Anyone who does not see the potential in the sun, solar or fusion energy is, simply put, thinking in a very strange way.

Once again, without the sun, we’re all dead. Why would we not want to learn how this enormous burning star keeps us alive? Study it. Use it as an example for future energy sources.

Lastly, the title of my piece speaks about an energy moment. That’s what this is all about. Have we had that much innovation in energy? I don’t think so. The last great moment was when oil spilled from the ground. Maybe a Tesla is an example of what’s possible next. But we surely need the next energy moment.

I’m paying attention and will invest my own money in this endeavor when the time is right.

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