About Me

I’ve spent the last 10 years building two massive financial communities and creating fintech brands that changed the financial industry

There’s never been a better time to give people access to financial markets. It’s less costly and more transparent than ever. My career has been all about building, creating, and sharing stories that change the way people think about investing and trading.

I’ve been working in fintech for a long time, before memes took off, before fintwit was even a thing, and some of the projects that I’ve contributed to are now used by millions of people.

I started my career at Stocktwits in 2011 as an intern and worked my way up to drive its community, marketing, and brand. I helped shape the company voice and sparked growth that spanned the entire country. At Stocktwits, we spearheaded the use of memes starting back in 2011 before anyone was really doing it in finance. Wall Street Bets, for example, did not even exist. We achieved a scale and reach with a team of 10 that most companies do with a team of 100.

Today, I work at TradingView, a high performance charting platform that spans the world. My goal is to help communicate and grow TradingView’s community and brand while increasing product adoption.

We’re taking a new approach to social media, recreating its communication channels, and showing people around the world what’s possible with web based charting. Historically, charting and data platforms have been walled off and extremely expensive. They’ve mostly been reserved for those in specific circles with connections and money. TradingView’s technology is flattening that and giving tools and data for a fraction of the price. TradingView is the creator of web-based charting and can build, scale, and move faster than most other fintech companies.

You probably follow me on Twitter or have seen my journey over the years. Thanks for following along. My DMs are always open so please send me a message.

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